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Glee steps into the limelight today at Comic-Con 2012 in San Diego. Lea Michele,Cory MonteithDarren CrissKevin McHale,Jenna Ushkowitz and Naya Rivera are slated to appear — alongside co-creator Brad Falchuk. I sincerely hope we don’t have another “graduation-gate” like last year’s mess. (Fingers crossed). I suspect we’ll get some tidbits and big news about the fourth season that kicks off this fall on September 13. The panel is the last of the day at 5-6 pm PDT (that’s 8-9 pm EST). Note: I will be compiling news, photos, videos and tweets in this space, so come back all day today for updates. Take a look at all the info after the jump.

You can watch a live stream of Comic-Con HERE




The Glee Project co-winners Samuel Larsen and Damian McGinty confirmed yesterday, July 13, that they WILL be returning this fall. (See TV Guide‘s tweet below.)


NOT SO FAST! Falchuk dashed our dreams of seeing Damian back. ”Damian is not back this year,” he said. “The second half of the season, who knows. Right now, he won’t be in the first half of the season.”


The Glee Project Season 2 contestants had their first interview yesterday with TV Guide. (See Abraham Lim‘s tweet below)


Lea Michele will be in the dance studio next week with Kate Hudson. She’ll be singing a Barbra Streisand song in the premiere!


Naya Rivera hints that Kentucky might not be big enough for Santana and would be a dream to end up in NYC with Rachel as her roommate.


NEW CHARACTER: Jake is a bad boy how sorta appears in the school.


Brittany tidbit: There will be a stage catastrophe during the new Britney Spears tribute episode.


Producers are casting a new hunk. Darren says he’d like Blaine to be tempted to cheat on Kurt with him.


Kevin McHale and Jenna U. are pushing for Artie and Tina to reunite now that Mike is gone.


Season 4 will pickup at the beginning of the school year at McKinley and NYADA


Kurt will still be in Lima at the beginning of Season 4. He will be there to help will w/ New Directions and repopulating it. There is no word on how long Kurt will remain there. Producers hinted that b/c him and Rachel are BFFs, it’ll be hard to keep them apart. Hmm.


Britney Spears tribute episode is 2nd episode.


The producers want to bring back Samuel Larsen and Alex Newell, along with Chord Overstreet.


Vanessa Lengies‘ Sugar Motta is returning. Now word on Grant Gustin


When Season 4 begins, Sue will have had her baby! No reveal of the father though. Ian Brennan says,”When we come back in, Sue has had her baby although we still don’t know who the celebrity father of her child is. She’s now Sue with a baby and a different set of priorities but still can’t help but make fun of everyone as often as possible.”


Finn’s fate is a big question mark. One thing is for sure: Cory is expecting to be army-bound.


On Santana, Falchuk said,”Santana is at University of Louisville and she’s a cheerleader and she’s working hard on her cheers.” Her relationship w/ Brittany left in a good place after season three.


Will and Emma update: They don’t plan on getting married anytime soon.


Rachel will have a roommate in NYC…and it is NOT Santana.


Nene Leaks will return. There is talk that Prinicapl Figgins might be taken down and she could fill his shoes! (OMG)


We might get to FINALLY meet Artie’s parents. Kevin wants it to be Katey Sagal (Sons of Anarchy) and Harry Connick Jr.


Darren Criss wants to see Matt Bomer return as Blaine’s brother, with Peter Gallagher (The O.C.) to play his dad!


Jenna U wants Grey’s Anatomy‘s Sandra Oh to play Tina’s crazy cousin.


Naya has been working on her album all summer. Her first single is called “My Heart.” It’s very dance/pop


Extensive Notes via Hypable
Ian Brennan
- All our cast back. We’re going to be in New York for a lot of the time.
- New York/Ohio time split that you see on the show will be similar to how the McKinley/Dalton time split was.
- Santana “might be” in New York.” Michele later told us she really hoped Santana will (see below).
- Through writing of third episode of season four right now.
- Rachel will be in every episode. “It’ll be so good to see Rachel in college.”
- Finn is trying to deal with Rachel gone.
- Decision on breaking them up in finale: We talked about it a lot, but that wasn’t originally how that story was going to end. It was a much much longer, complex story. In the end, it just felt right to do at this point. Rachel will really be struggling in the new season with a new life. “I’ve moved there once myself, it’s a very scary experience. It’s a whole different kind of storytelling.”
- Rachel will be in contact with McKinley almost to a funny point.
- We’ll see footage of Mercedes in Los Angeles or making her way there. “How it sort of happens for her is interesting.”
- New characters: Jake is bad boy who sorta just appears in the school. Kate Hudson will play character who is Rachel’s dance teacher. It’s a really funny, eccentric character that’ll allow Kate to sing and dance.. She’s got an amazing voice you haven’t heard in a while.
- We asked Ian what other artists we can expect. “There’s an artist big enough who will take two episodes because the music catalogue is so big. That’s how large the person is. It’s a man.”

Jenna Ushkowitz and Kevin McHale
- What stories can we expect to hear in Jenna’s Glee book: Book follows her from childhood to where she is now. Big theme in the story will be positivity and making that choice every day. Quotes from Glee cast and what their secret to happiness is. Also follows Glee tour, being on set, how we’re great friends.
- How they each see their characters evolving: Kevin – it’s an opportunity for them to step up. This season will be us stepping up like the seniors did last season.
- Jenna: Last year we saw Tina be one of the female voices.
- Kevin: Wants to perform Let It Be, Jenna: Sara Barilles or Demi Lovato.
- Jenna found out recently, when the press found out, that everyone was returning for season four. Kevin had a feeling everyone would be back in some capacity.
- Kevin sees Artie going into more of the behind the scenes aspect of the performing arts in the future.
- Kevin hopes there’s going to be romance for Artie coming up. Really thought he’d get Sugar, then he did not. Jenna thinks Tina will stay with Mike.
- On not seeing the same cast every day: It’s definitely going to be different. It’s fun going in not knowing. Three seasons of having the same routine, so it’s nice to have a new take on the show.
- Kevin would love to be in Game of Thrones, Jenna would love to be in Breaking Bad, Dexter, Homeland. Kevin will gladly put on an accent, get killed, whatever it takes to be in Thrones.
- Favorite song from series they performed: Scream and Shake It Out.

Lea Michele
- “I think Rachel works best when she’s against all odds. She has to fight her way through something is when she rises to the top. Starting at the beginning of season four she’s very alone, but it’ll get her to a very great place.”
- “We have a good idea of where Finn and Rachel are going. We want to see what it’s like for them to be a part for a while now. I think that’s the dynamic we’ve seen over the series where we pull them apart, put them back together, etc. They will always be involved with one another whether or not they’re dating. They’ll be in contact.”
- Lea thinks it’ll be different being all apart for this upcoming season for the first time. “There were so many of us by the end. About 20 in the choir room. Now Rachel will be in one location, the other characters will be elsewhere. We won’t be shooting together as much but we can’t stay away from one another for long.”
- “It’s really exciting. It’s a challenge I’m excited to take on. The fans will be excited to see Rachel in college. I think she won’t be alone for long – she’ll be surrounded by familiar faces soon.”
- Rachel has a challenging dynamic with Kate Hudson, who stars in the first few episodes.
- Lea and Naya have been campaigning for Rachel and Santana to go to school together, and “I really hope and think that will happen.”
- On the wide range of music she sings for the show: “I know the first episode I’ll do classy and the next one I’ll be doing super pop. I love how in one episode I can sing a Broadway standard and then the next do Push It by Salt and Pepper.”


Cast Quotes

Entertainment Weekly interview pre-panel time:

“When you grow a beard, smells start happening” – Darren Criss.

“it’s not a freak show unless you get FREAKY!” – Naya Rivera

“Darren actually turned into John Mayer.” – Naya Rivera, talking about the hiatus.











































The Glee cast being interviewed by TV Line’s Michael Ausiello. Photo Credit: Michael Ausiello via Whosay.

Cory smelling Darren during the Entertainment Weekly interview

The Cast has been busy bees tweeting out pics!

Interview on a boat!

Getting off the boat!

Glee Signing

Press Time

Panel Time!

Panel Arrives






TVLine interview with the cast!



Intro to the panel. This fan-made video was played before the cast sat down.



Glee cast on the panel



Lea and Cory talk Finchel breakup at end of S3



Naya talking about playing a lesbian, Brittana, and her fanbase. Jenna talks Tina and Mike and fashion. Darren talks his beard and Klaine.



Cory talks Rocky Horror and dropping Lea in rehearsal



Lea talks about incredible opportunities and a standout moment (standing on stage at the Glee tour in London)



Darren chats about success



Panel addresses LGBTQ equality



Full Panel Videos





Press Room Interviews







Booth Interviews





The Glee Project Interviews
Samuel Larsen


Blake, Charlie, Aylin, Abraham





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