David Archuleta Performs at a Devotional on His Mission in Chile — PHOTOS & VIDEO

American Idol‘s David Archuleta is currently serving a two-year mission in Chile. On July 15, he performed in Spanish at a devotional in the humid city. Fans were instructed not to hug or kiss the singer, only handshakes were allowed. Plus, taking video was prohibited, although one fan didn’t listen.

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Here is the full event info:

Sunday, July 15, 2012
6: 00 pm until 8: 00 pm in UTC-04 Center Jas Rancagua, AV. Greece 319

We invite you to participate in our next great Devocional Center Jas Rancagua. This time the music will be the main guest.We will have the opportunity to hear a: Elder Archuleta, Elder Coello, Elder Jara, Elder Taylor, Cotton sister, sister Johnson, Christopher Godoy, Paul lamb and the choir of the Rancagua Jas Center.KEYNOTE speaker: James D. MacArthur, President of the Chile Rancagua mission. With the theme “The Mission of our Savior Jesus Christ”Hope to see you!

Kids I know that perhaps I’m not one to say it, but I hope not to forget what is the real meaning of a devotional, don’t forget that Elder Archuleta is serving a mission and that deserves respect, you should know that it is not any man, has a special deal with every man and woman who were called upon to serve, for those who do not know, if you have the possibility to be welcomed for women is only the hand. I understand that they are fans, but they also understand our rules. Indeed I hope everything will go well and come many with heart ready to listen, to spend a pleasant moment, and to be in contact with our Heavenly Father, hugs”



Video (Click to watch):
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