The Story of How Phillip Phillips’ ‘Home’ was Selected for the Olympics

American Idol‘s Phillip Phillips is living the dream so many struggling musicians around the country dream about. After being crowned the winner earlier this year, the newly minted Idol has exploded onto the scene with his single “Home.” That’s in huge part to the Olympics using it for several varying segments the past few weeks.

But how did that come about? How was “Home” selected out of millions of other songs?

It all had to do with senior Olympics producer David Michaels and his daughter Megan Michaels — who, coincidentally, is a supervising producer for Idol. “My wife and I were actually sitting at home watching the finale,” David said to EW. “And I heard the song for the first time, and I said to her, ‘Wow, I bet I could use that in the Olympics on some night.’”

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Then, the song proved to be quite lucky. Myles Lewis with 19 Entertainment reached out to Megan to find out if she knew anyone that worked for the Olympics. Well, her dad does.

David then revealed:

“I took some old gymnastics footage on my home computer on Final Cut [a movie-editing program], and I laid down the song. I just wanted to see if it would work, and then it was one of those a-ha moments of, ‘Wow, this could really be something cool.’”

After some test footage (below), David was then ready to give the song a full treatment:

“We just knew with the right pictures, we could really make this thing explode.”

After playing the song for the London production team, they’re reaction was overwhelmingly positive:

“Everybody I played it for went, ‘Wow, what is that?’ and I go, ‘It was the American Idolwinner.’ And they were like, ‘Really?’”

David also admits how well structured the song is:

“The very first time I heard it, the instrumental part was such a great anthem. The song is so perfectly put together for our purposes… you had this great instrumental lead-in, you’ve got the vocal that can play in the clear, and then you’ve got the instrumental out. For me, that’s perfect.”

He then comments that the song’s lyrics struck a chord with a team-like mentality that is the essence of the Olympics:

“We decided to focus our coverage on the team [the Fab Five] and not any individual girl on those first two nights. [The song] has got a team feeling to it – it doesn’t really work as well for an individual. So, it fit perfectly for the team concept.”

David also revealed that the song will be used for one more segment, “We’ll use it on the piece we’re doing on the team championship for the closing ceremony day.

And there you go! That’s the story of how “Home” was able to nab a great promotional opportunity. The stars aligned for P2, and that’s half the battle, right?

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In an interview with Access Hollywood, P2 revealed that he wasn’t crazy about performing “Home” and that he fought to have a self-penned song as his coronation single:

“I was trying to fight to get my song (I wrote) on there, but it just wasn’t happening,” said Phillips, who tried to persuade “Idol” producers to let him sing the song “Drive Me,” which he co-wrote with his brother-in-law.


“It was hard for me at first because I didn’t really have any input with the song.”

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